Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely not! The short forms that I will teach you will heavily utilize the left side of the stenotype. Most stenography theories do not maximize the full potential of the stenotype and as a result conflicts are virtually none. Most participants favor the short form presented in the speed clinic over what was originally in his or her dictionary. I will be there to help you resolve ANY potential conflict. The short forms taught in this Speed Clinic will not only add to your speed and accuracy, but will also teach you the essentials of the Magnum Steno Theory.

Yes, they will make a whole lot of sense! Shortform outlines look nonsensical to you because you do not understand the theory, if any, behind them. know how to write them without hesitation. This three-day speed clinic will show you why these outlines make sense and how to write them without hesitation which will consequently convert to speed.

Absolutely yes! No time could be better than now. Now that you have completed your theory course, this is the time to implement the best and shortest writing habits so you can benefit from them. Mastering the short forms taught in this speed clinic during the infancy of your speed building journey will significantly catapult you up the speed ladder. The three-day speed clinic will help you enhance your theory by making easy-to-understand modifications early on in your #stenolife to make the graduation to 225 as fast and as smooth as possible.

The three-day speed clinic is designed to accommodate any speed level from 60WPM-260WPM. Everyone will be learning the same material for the first time. The emphasis in the clinic is accuracy and understanding the principles behind the Magnum Steno Theory, as a result, speed is a natural byproduct. 

Cancellation requests received up to 30 days before the event will be refunded in full, less a $200 processing fee. Payment must be less than 50 days old. If you cancel fewer than 30 days prior to the seminar, you will forfeit the registration fee. If you are unable to attend a seminar, we invite you to provide a substitute. The transfer fee is $50.

It is possible as I will be teaching you how to build these 3,000 phrases from 90 “word parts.” I will incorporate. The teaching methods used in the speed clinic guarantee that all attendees will be able to read and understand these outlines by the end of day three.

Yes, it will be more than helpful! Not only will you learn 3,000 new outlines, but you will also learn many ways of mastering new outlines. The briefs will be taught using all the seven styles of learning. Mnemonics, which are proven memory devices that help learners recall a larger piece of information, will be shared throughout the program in a variety of mediums. All these tools make remembering briefs less problematic.

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All Three Days are Mandatory.

Every day builds from the previous day.
Make a sacrafice for three days to enjoy a lifetime of short writing.


Many of us have a brief for the phrase “I don’t know.” Do you have a brief for “you don’t know”? What about “she didn’t know”? Do you two stroke those, or even three stroke those? How about if I gave you a fool-proof system for writing more than 670 phrases three-word phrases like those mentioned? In addition, you will learn 172 phrases using the same main verbs and personal pronouns. 842 phrases.


We all stroke “who” in one stroke, but how many phrases do we use with the word “who”? There are 47 phrases that you can write in one stroke that start with “who.” Examples: “who I believe,” “who want to,” “who those,” “who this, “ “who needed to,” “who went to.” You will learn how to build phrases like these examples with interrogative and demonstrative pronouns. Captioners and court reporters will find these phrases to be mega timesavers because they are the building blocks of statements and questions. 1,447 phrases.


A lot of stenographers use SKP- for “and.” The reason for that is to build phrases. By the end of Day 3 you will write “and I never,” “and I gave,” “and you didn’t,” “and I did that,” in one stroke. You will also learn how to build phrases starting with “because,” “but,” “if” and “in.” In addition, you will learn even more verbs so you can build hundreds more phrases with what you learned in Days 1 and 2. 1,800+ phrases.


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