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This is a one-of-a-kind stenography-centered workshop designed for stenographers that want to quickly adopt the most respected concepts in writing short. The Speed Clinic will dissect the Magnum Steno theory and explore in-depth how the outlines can enable stenographers to achieve flawless realtime at high speeds.

Phrases You Will Learn

Below is an idea of how many and what kind of phrases you will learn in the Speed Clinic


Day 1

Many of us have a brief for the phrase “I don’t know.” Do you have a brief for “you don’t know”? What about “she didn’t know”? Do you two stroke those, or even three stroke those? How about if I gave you a fool-proof system for writing more than 670 phrases three-word phrases like those mentioned? In addition, you will learn 172 phrases using the same main verbs and personal pronouns. 842 phrases.


Day 2

We all stroke “who” in one stroke, but how many phrases do we use with the word “who”? There are 47 phrases that you can write in one stroke that start with “who.” Examples: “who I believe,” “who want to,” “who those,” “who this, “ “who needed to,” “who went to.” You will learn how to build phrases like these examples with interrogative and demonstrative pronouns. Captioners and court reporters will find these phrases to be mega timesavers because they are the building blocks of statements and questions. 1,447 phrases.


Day 3

A lot of stenographers use SKP- for “and.” The reason for that is to build phrases. By the end of Day 3 you will write “and I never,” “and I gave,” “and you didn’t,” “and I did that,” in one stroke. You will also learn how to build phrases starting with “because,” “but,” “if” and “in.” In addition, you will learn even more verbs so you can build hundreds more phrases with what you learned in Days 1 and 2.  1,800+ phrases.

How common are these phrases?

You will hear these phrases every minute regardless of your line of work.

Top 50


All the verbs you will be building phrases with are part of the 50 most common verbs in the English language.

Top 10


All the demonstrative and personal pronouns you will be building phrases with are part of the top 10 pronouns used in the English language.

Top 6


All the conjunctions you will be building phrases with are part of the top six conjunctions used in the English language.

Top 10


All the prepositions you will be building phrases with are part of the top 10 prepositions used in the English language.

Speed Building Techique


Join us in a future city by making this a steno_KAIGS.  A steno_KAIGS is similar to a vacation. You take a break from everything else to focus on stenography.

This is your time.

Take this time to dedicate yourself to learning the outlines, improving your dexterity and falling in love with the steno machine all over again. 

Enjoy the city.

The Speed Clinic is four hours each day. This gives you time between your practice sessions to enjoy the city. 


If you have any questions or comments, please send a message.

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